Offer and prices

We offer shooting courses for the beginners including instruction in firearms basics and firearms safety, as well as technique improvement courses for more advanced users.

We provide our services to individual customers and companies. We work with event agencies and organize shooting events. Our offer will make any integration event and corporate conference even more interesting!

Shooting is a great way to spend your spare time, develop practical skills and fill yourself with positive emotions. It could become your greatest hobby faster than a bullet can fly!

Our professional range of firearms and professional shooting instructors are waiting for you.
Call us and arrange a date today!


You only pay for ammunition and targets...
You can buy gift vouchers corresponding to packages at our shooting range - directly from us at the range or online, by prior contact by phone or e-mail.


price per one min. number of rounds
.22LR (5.6mm) 1.50zł 20
9x19mm (Para) 3.00zł 10
9x17mm (Brow) 3.00zł 10
9x18mm (Mak) 3.00zł 10
7.62x25 TT 3.50zł 10
.38 Special 3.50zł 10
.357 Magnum 4.00zł 10
.45 ACP 4.00zł 10
7.62x39 KbkAK 5.00zł 5
.223 Rem 5.00zł 5
12/70 Trap/Bren 5.00zł 5
TARCZA 2.50zł -


Package Price Content
MINI 39.00zł 10 x .22 LR
10 x 9 mm
1 tarcza
STARTER 69.00zł 50 x .22 LR
1 tarcza
MIX 89.00zł 20 .22 LR
10 x 9 mm
5 x .38 SPEC
5 x 7.62x39 KbkAK
2 tarcze
STANDARD 129.00zł 50 x 9 mm
2 tarcze
MAX 169.00zł 15 x 9x19 Para
10 x .38 SPEC
7 x 7.62x25 TT
15 x 9x18 Mak
5 x .223 Rem
3 tarcze
ALL IN 239.00zł 15 x 9x19 mm
10 x .38 SPEC
10 x .357 Mag
7 x .45 ACP
15 x 9x18 Mak
10 x 7.62x39 KbkAK
4 x 12/70
4 tarcze
Shooting range rental (entire range booked for you) 400.00zł/per hour
Live-fire area rental (5 lanes) 270.00zł/per hour
Lecture room rental 70.00zł/per hour
Additional lessons with an instructor (at your request) 50.00zł/per hour
Lane rental (your own firearm and ammo) 50.00zł/per hour
Lane rental (black powder firearms) 60.00zł/per hour
Group shooting for kids and youth (at least 5 people)) 35.00zł/per person
Integration events 60.00zł/per person

All prices include VAT at 23%